Flora Veneran was born in Venice, she lives and works in Catena di Villorba (Treviso - Italy). Beauty has always been her must and so she started expressing her artistic spirit painting Venetian landscapes on pottery, her works have always been rich in details and she has paid great attention to small things. Her artistic career has in time developed and she has acquired a new technique: “etching” which has given her great results and a lot of satisfaction owing to the endless expressive possibility that is a feature of this form of art. Flora has always been curious and has always been eager to deepen another technique: “glass fusion” (glass melting) which has allowed her “to play” with colour and imagination. Since the beginning of her career she has presented her works in various art exhibitions at Spresiano, Ca’dei Carraresi Treviso with the Goldsmith’s Art Association, inside St:Francis’s Cloister in Treviso and also in Conegliano. She loves representing the natural beauties that surround us and also the Venetian Villas that are so numerous in our region (Veneto), but she also likes letting her rich imagination roam freely. She keeps on planning numberless projects in order to make our artistic beauties known all over the world but always from her personal artistic point of view.

Web site: www.floraveneran.it
Info: floraven@alice.it